Saturday Workshop

Group introductory circle

Leesa, Jeremy & Ruth play a game

Prime Movers exercise

Lucas with partner, Partner Scores

Jenny & Ruth Duet improvisation

Paul and Julian Duet Improvisation

Chiara & Jenny Duet Improvisation

Jeremy & Lucas Duet Improvisation

Chiara and Robert
give 'Positve Feedback'
after their Duet

Jenny & Ruth operate the lighting and sound equipment with the assistance of Robert and Kirk

Learning about lights

Performance Warm up

Robert, James & William


Jamie, Jeremy & Leesa

Bobby, Ryan, Uyen, Denzel, Kathryn & Cale

Kathryn, Jeremy & Jack

Ryan New (Performing Facilitator)

Performance -
That's Not a Gun, That's an Umbrella

Jack, Ryan, Jonothon & Kale

Jonothon break dancing

William (Pianist)

Ryan, Kale,
Jonothon, Kathryn & Christal

Jeremy &
Jonothon Duet Improvisation

Final Scene

Jack, Kale, Jeremy, Kathryn
, Ryan, William bow

Bobby operating the sound

Kale Files
Jamie Bedford
Uyen Ton
Christal Wright
Jonothon Tham
George Makris
Jack Clinton-Morgan
James Terheci
William Seah
Jeremy Hill
Ryan New (Performing Facilitator FDC)

Denzel Shotade
Marco Todesco
Steven Elia
Bobby Kyriakopoulas
Robert Appleton (Facilitator FDC)
Kirk Best (Facilitator FDC)

Supporting Staff (Croxton School)
John Candusso
Cindy Raffaelli
Warwick Dunbar

Leesa Nash

The FDC Team practicing some shots at their favourite Adventure Golf Course in Horsham